Tape is made from trees
Music and sound-design for the short movie Tape is made from trees by Luna Maurer & Roel Wouters.

The movie is made in accordance with the Conditional Design Manifesto.


04.09.2009 - 05.09.2009
At the CASZUIDAS Urban Screen Festival 2009 in Amsterdam (NL).


The movie as well as the music is made following a set of instructions.

(executed by humans)

- Start with a branch
-Tape an orange line ortogonal to the end of a branch, its length is one third of the branch.
- New branches emerge from the middle of a branch segment, and touch the orange line at its end points.
- The length of the branch is double the distance from its origin to the orange intersection.
- Now repeat the same steps.

(executed by machine)

- Each new tape triggers a new note.
- The duration of the note depends on three aspects:
- The longer the tape, the longer the duration.
- Of each set of three tapes (one orange and two following black tapes) the last tape/note has a duration four times as long.
- The higher the generation of the tape/branch, the shorter the duration.
- The pitch of the note depends on the following:
- The pitch is taken from a chord from the jazz standard Every time we say goodbye, starting with the first chord.
- A next chord is used whenever a branch is added far away from the previous added branch.
- The velocity of the note depends solely on the length of the tape.

Fotos of the making of the video here.

Thank you:

Johan Rijpma.