Placement / Displacement
Seating experiment by Edo Paulus and Luna Maurer. The audience is seated according to a set of rules.

Placement / Displacement is a model in which people simulate the logic of a computer system. This living model consists of entities (spectators) that are bound by rules. When the rules cause the individual entities to react on each other, a whole comes into existence that is constantly in motion. You can't design the patterns that emerge beforehand and you can't foresee the result. Especially not when PEOPLE are executing these rules instead of computers.


During the Visual Power Show on Next Nature in Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL).

Thank you:

measuring and guiding the public:
Celine Wouters
Maaike Gouwenberg
Debbie Mollenhagen
Adelijn van Huis
Ana Luísa Gonçalves
Kerstin Reinert
Computer executing the rules
Audience executing the rules
Visitors measured at the entrance
Card handed out after measuring