Metrics Of Mind
Metrics Of Mind is a dance piece within a sculptural sound installation created by choreographer Amy Cox (New York City) and sound artist Edo Paulus (Amsterdam).

In the performance, a hanging speaker built out of pentagons, a sensitive steel floor built out of hexagons, and a hanging microphone built out of heptagons together create an aurally and kinaesthetically receptive environment. Already a sonically live ecology, a solo performer visits the installation, acting not as musician, but as inhabitant who both influences and responds to the system. During the performance audience members are invited to listen as much as watch.


19.11.2005 - 20.11.2005
Performed twice at the Melkweg in Amsterdam (NL).

27.05.2005 - 28.05.2005
Performed twice at the Amsterdam School of the Arts in Amsterdam (NL).