Max Live Coding
2007 & 2011
Realtime performances of creating a Max-patch, starting from zero.

The Rules:
- You have 6 minutes to build a Max-patch and do a performance with it.
- Start with an empty patch.
- Only use the standard objects that are part of Max/MSP/Jitter.
- Don't use externals, pre-build external datafiles, help files, or anything of that kind.

This short performance was created for a Max Live Coding contest. The participant receiving the loudest applause from the audience would win. This video was created after the actual performance in front of the audience.


Performance at the Max Live Coding contest during the Nieuwe Verse Groenten event in Studio 80, Amsterdam (NL).


Max is an interactive graphical programming environment for music, audio, and media created by Cycling '74.

More information on live coding on Wikipedia.


The small 6 minutes countdown max-patch (Needs Max to run, obviously).
Max/MSP Live Coding nr.1
view on youtube

Max/MSP Live Coding nr.3
view on youtube

Max/MSP Live Coding nr.2
view on youtube