Laptop Reflections

An installation by Conditional Design / Luna Maurer, Edo Paulus, Jonathan Puckey and Roel Wouters.

During a period of 9 months we captured all our activities behind our laptops: Automatically, every 5 minutes the webcam took a portrait-picture, a screenshot was made and all our computer actions were logged in a database.

The installation presents all this data in different ways: 4 time-lapse videos (3:27 hours) of the portraits and screenshots with synthetic sounds reflecting the logged activities from the database, a 22 meter wall-print, a newspaper and a website

Synchronized to the laptop-videos there is a fifth time-lapse video with pictures from the Amsterdam skyline and synthetic sounds reflecting weather-data from the same 9 months.

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20.02.2010 - 20.08.2010
Part of the exhibition INFODECODATA at the Graphic Design Museum, Breda (NL).

Opening at the Graphic Design Museum, febr 20th, 2010
INFODECODATA article in Volkskrant (march 10th, 2010)