International Film Festival Breda 2009 - trailer
Sound design for a 45 second trailer for the International Film festival Breda.

The trailer, directed by Roel Wouters, is a physical remake of a default image in many 3D modeling applications: A silver sphere on an endless checkerboard. The sound design is based on physical sounds recorded with 5 contact microphones fixed on a rotating metal plate to create a sonic environment for Dolby 5.1 movie theater settings.


25.03.2009 - .29.03.2009
Leading each film during the International Film Festival Breda (NL).

25.02.2009 - 25.03.2009
Throughout Dutch movie theaters (160 copies on 35mm distributed) and online.
Still from trailer
Audio recording setup: Using 5 contact mics on a metal plate and a controlable, rotating platform to record circular movements, for Dolby 5.1 movie-theater settings.